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Carbon/ Activated Carbon/ Glass Fiber

Activated carbon fiber, than the large surface area and adsorption effects, good, easy to replace the use of suitable organic waste gas and odor adsorption, easy to use than the particles of carbon, if necessary, please contact with this company。

Activated Carbon Felt

    Activated carbon fiber felt with a large surface area, small microporous adsorption properties of fast desorption, has been widely used in various fields, such as: solvent recovery, air purification, water treatment, odor, deodorizer, catalystcarrier, the electrode materials.

Actived Carbon Cloth

    The Ministry of activated carbon fiber is a natural fiber cloth, or man-made fibers, high-temperature carbonization, activation from the. Has a large specific surface area, small microporous adsorption performance, fast desorption speed. Has been widely used in various fields, such as: solvent recovery, air purification, water treatment, odor, deodorizer, catalyst supports, electrode materials.

The package material of condenser

    Activated carbon fiber cloth with high specific surface area microporous small, large capacity, long service life, has been used in the production of military engineering of large-capacity capacitor to good effect。

Composaite material

    Activated carbon fiber composite carpet and cloth, non-woven needle and spray adhesive high temperature bonding method for producing textile base material.


    • Full return to the high adsorption performance of activated carbon fiber, to avoid infringement of the toxic and harmful gases, protect the body from harm.
    • The light weight, comfortable to wear, feel good, excellent regeneration performance advantages.
    • To overcome the low intensity of activated carbon fiber, easy to fall off.

    Chemical protective clothing, medicine, chemical industry production workers wore protective clothing, office, meeting rooms, exhibition halls, galleries, car and other places can be made of the adsorption decorative materials, can be used for air purification products.

The strengthens material of the carbon filament


    • Performance: high strength and high tensile strength higher than normal more than ten times, closer to the Young's Modulus and steel, excellent creep resistance, corrosion resistance and shock resistance.
    • Light weight, good flexibility. The proportion of steel 1/4, good flexibility.
    • Construction is convenient, easy to guarantee the quality of construction. Do not need large-scale machinery and other fixed facilities, compared with the sticky steel plate, construction quality is easier to guarantee.
    • Good durability and corrosion resistance. Acid, alkali, salt and corrosion of the atmospheric environment, without regular maintenance.

    Applications:Concrete beams, walls, floor, piers, piles of brick masonry walls, chimneys, tunnels, pools, concrete pipe reinforcement.