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VOC Organic Waste Gas Control Equipment

Energytek Proposed VOC removal of multiple solutions

RTO Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

    The use of regenerative ceramic heat exchange recovery of the combustion waste heat, the heat consumption of about 5% of the direct-fired oxidizer, is a system of low operating costs, using the occasion exhaust concentration must be lower explosion limit of 25%. Thermal Ceramics Honeycomb honeycomb ceramics, the MLM ceramic honeycomb, a variety of ceramic tower packing, such as saddle ceramic ring ....

TO Direct-fired oxidizer:

    For high concentrations of organic waste gas incineration equipment, organic waste can also be incinerated, with the shell and tube heat exchanger or waste heat boiler to use and recycle their waste heat, lower prices.

VOC Activated carbon fiber recovery system:

    Can be organic waste gas using activated carbon fiber adsorption down, and then the boiler steam to desorption, and condensation system to collect waste solvents, recyclable VOC solvent, the solvent according to their soluble in water, and do follow-up treatment, if not water soluble, can be directlyseparation, soluble in water, according to the boiling point, the available thermal oil distillation fractionation.

Catalyst burner:

    With the RTO or TO to burn incineration, the advantage of lower incineration temperature, the drawback is that expensive. Catalyst platinum-palladium alloy and manganese oxide.

Activated carbon adsorber:

    The use of granular activated carbon or activated carbon fiber cloth adsorption of organic emissions, the activated carbon are expendable equipment.

Frozen condensation system:

    Frozen condensation system to collect VOC organic waste gas and condensed into a liquid, and according to the boiling point, the available thermal oil distillation fractionation be out.

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