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High-Purity Alumina Raw Materials and Refractories

Energytek the introduction of the marketing of the the OAL company's products of the Indian stocks listed companies in Taiwan


    High-purity alumina raw materials to industry manufacturers of grinding wheels, refractory materials and ceramic materials used, and refractory materials and refractory monomer to iron and steel, cement, non-ferrous metals industry manufacturers to use, excellent quality, welcome contact using.

    The company used high-temperature sintering furnace (1700 ° C) constructed by Energytek


    OAL is India's largest manufacturer of Calcined and Fused Alumina products. We manufacture a wide range of Aluminous raw materials including Brown Fused Alumina, White Fused Alumina, Pink Fused Alumina, White Fused Mullite, Fused Zirconia Mullite (ZIRMUL), Fused Alumina-Magnesia Spinnel, Calcined Bauxite and High Alumina Refractory Cement. All these products cater to the needs of grinding wheel and refractory manufacturers. Fused Alumina is also used for shot blasting and cleaning purposes. This range of products is being manufactured at the Company's facility in Porbandar (Gujarat).

    The key raw materials for these products are Bauxite and Calcined Alumina. Bauxite is sourced primarily from the Company's own mines located in the Jamnagar and Bhuj districts of Gujarat. Calcined Alumina is sourced from aluminium manufacturing companies.

  • Calcined Bauxite
  • Brown Fused Alumina
  • White Fused Alumina
  • Pink Fused Alumina
  • White Fused Mullite
  • High Alumina Refractory Cement
  • Fused Zirconia Mullite (ZIRMUL)
  • Aluimia Magnesia Spinnel

    The key Indian customers procuring these raw materials from the Company include:

  • Grinding wheel manufacturers including Grindwell Norton (Saint Gobain Abrasives) and Carborundum Universal;
  • Refractory manufacturers including Bharat Refractories, Tata Refractories, OCL India, Vesuvius India, Orissa Industries, ACE Refractories, VRW Refarctories, SKG Refractories, IFGL, Sarvesh Refractories and Maithan Ceramics.

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