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Korean Gun-Type Burner

Korean Olympia Gun-Type Burner

    Korean Olympia gun type burner with excellent combustion properties of the model a wide range of easy to install, suitable for use in the boiler, hot air furnace, oven, conservatory air conditioning, and about 500 degrees below the heated combustion purposes.

    Suitable for industry: boilers, hot air furnace (Painting), oven, frying stove, conservatory air conditioning, drying oven, the metal back of the stove, glass annealing, degreasing furnace, carbonization furnace, incinerator ...

    Use of fuel: natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, diesel, heavy oil

    Control action models heat size: On-Off, Hi-Low, Hi-Mid-Low-Off, Modulating (ratiometric) and other ...

    The use of voltage: 220V, 380V

    Flame detection methods: photoresistor, Flame Rod flame rods, UV Sensor UV flame detector, the IR Sensor infrared flame detectors and other ...

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