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Activated Carbon Adsorbe

The company designs, Activated Carbon Adsorbe activated carbon can be used for six months.
After regenerating the activated carbon after use.

Activated Carbon Adsorbe

(Active Carbon Absorber)

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Working principle:

    Activated Carbon Adsorbe selection of high quality granular activated carbon. Organic waste gas through the activated carbon bed, activated carbon adsorption, in order to be processed. The adsorber export exhaust clean air.

Performance parameters:
  • Handling gas:hydrocarbons, aromatics, alcohols, ethers, phenols, aldehydes and other organic emissions.
  • Processing gas:200~10,000 Nm3/h
  • Concentration range:50 PPM~5,000 PPM
  • Solvent recovery:≧95 %
The advantages of the device:
  • Cheap
  • To install, easy to operate.
  • Low operating costs.
  • Particularly suitable for low concentrations of toxic organic waste gas.
  • Safe.