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Energytek industrial furnace design and planning

Batch furnace:

    Gas or fuel burning high-temperature kilns, shuttle kilns, vacuum furnaces, atmosphere electric furnaces, metal heat treatment furnace, ceramic kiln, building materials and throttle fire test furnace, high temperature test furnace, drying furnace, hot air furnace, deodorization furnace, the degreasing furnace, debinding furnace, crystal growth furnace, high temperature furnace, wood carbonization furnace, pottery furnace ...

Continuous furnace:

    Continuous atmosphere furnace, trolley temperature tunnel kiln, metal heat treatment furnace, multiple hearth furnace, hot air furnace, the deodorizing furnace, the degreasing furnace, debinding furnace, high temperature push plate stove, high temperature, walking beam furnaces, continuous enamel oven, the crystal growth furnace, continuous high-temperature furnace, VOC, organic waste gas incinerator, RTOs, high temperature rotary kiln, rotary drying oven, drying oven ...

The contours of industrial furnace:

    Using a variety of energy within a specific closed space, the use of heating appliances by Work impose appropriate heating process, a specific closed space can be called the furnace.

    Often used on the furnace heating energy, electricity and fuel can be two kinds of occasions there are some differences.

    Electricity is more suitable for smaller power a small furnace, or need special atmosphere of concentration or furnace pressure control equipment, mainly because the electricity is clean and free from combustion exhaust, but also because of the costs of electricity unit price and the transmission and distribution lines high energy-consuming too much equipment is also relatively small.

    Fuel depending upon the room temperature the state approximately divided into solid, liquid, gaseous three. Solid-state such as wood, charcoal, coal, etc.; liquid such as a variety of flammable oil or solvent, such as diesel, kerosene, kerosene, fuel oil, heavy oil, etc.; the common gaseous fuel natural gas, liquefied natural gas, industrial processes, production flammable gas, and so on.

    Responsible for the fuel and air to the combustion process and the release of heat machine can be called a burner. Burner installed in a space with appropriate insulation, and the material subjected to heating procedures in order to get a particular effect, then we can call a specific space for the kiln or furnace.

    In accordance with the kilns used in industry, the main purpose, the level of the furnace temperature, handling processes and objects, and so, the distinction and call to the various furnace name. The first of the more common industrial furnaces, for example, introduce the use of some furnace engineering, the future will be putting forward proposals to the reports of other applications

Combustion technology of the latest technology - the Pulse Combustion Control technology description:

    Currently on the market, increasing demand for high-end products, but domestically designed and installed in the furnace can not meet the technical requirements for the production of high-grade products. The reason is due to the high-end products require higher kiln temperature uniformity, the stability of the combustion atmosphere are higher, and with the wide cross-section, high-capacity furnace, it is bound to increase the combustion control the difficulty of using the traditional ratio of combustion control, furnace has been unable to achieve such a high demand. This case, can the Acer Industrial Co., Ltd. R & D furnace pulse combustion man-machine computer integrated control system, the German Krom, Schroder, combustion control technology - the pulse combustion control, use the system fully able to meet the requirements of the production of high-grade products for fuel gas furnace temperature field and temperature fluctuations of 2 ° C fuel oil (diesel) furnace temperature field and temperature fluctuations is 3 ° C, the combustion atmosphere can be precise control of the kiln to achieve optimal air-fuel ratio, a significant reduction in energy consumption.

    Pulse combustion is controlled by an intermittent combustion, using pulse width adjustment technology, and furnace temperature control by the proportion of switch to adjust the burn time. Combustion state is not in the fire state is the state of the small fire or flame state to ensure that the burner combustion gas exit velocity, usually up to the second one hundred meters above. Control system so that the kiln burner jump alternately burning by gas stirring constantly strong in the kiln, the kiln temperature field uniform distribution. Need big output power, the burner combustion time longer, interrupted time will be reduced; need hours of output power, the burner combustion time will be reduced, intermittent time will be lengthened. And in accordance with the furnace set temperature to control the output power of combustion.

Pulse Combustion Control of the main advantages as follows:

  • Simple and reliable system configuration.
  • Piping.
  • Can improve the uniformity of the furnace temperature field.
  • High heat transfer efficiency greatly reduce energy consumption.
  • Burner load regulation is high and up to 1:100; 1:4 instead of the traditional proportional control.
  • Do not need to be adjusted regularly to achieve optimal air-fuel ratio accurate control than with the conventional proportional-type combustion control can reduce fuel consumption by up to 10-15%.
  • Reduce the formation of NO X-.
  • German original Accessories for long life, low downtime.
  • Temperature control partition easier to plan changes.
  • Combustion control compared with traditional proportions, pulse combustion control system involved in the control of the instrument is greatly reduced, only temperature measuring stick, PLC controller, and / or man-machine interface industrial computers, omitted a large number of expensive traffic pressure detection and control institutions.

Pulse combustion furnace automatic control system Description:

    Pulse high-speed burner only two working conditions, a fire state, another small fire or flame state than for temperature regulation, but by the time of the adjustment of two states to regulate combustion system can reach a : 100, able to ensure the work of the burner combustion state in the best low-temperature control.

    Fuel and combustion air ratio regulation is to improve the performance of industrial kilns, reducing the fuel consumption of essential aspects of traditional continuous combustion control only through the online measurement of flue gas residues oxygen back to the combustion atmosphere controller, then instantly adjust to control the output of the combustion air flow drive, in order to precisely control air-fuel ratio of the kiln.

    Due to detect the oxygen content of the flue gas residual oxygen sensor reliability, longevity and price of the reasons, the use in the industrial field are often not ideal. The pulse combustion furnace automatic control system using calculus techniques, combustion air control valve opening and the fuel control valve opening will be linked, so that the combustion air flow and fuel flow is proportional to, in order to achieve the optimum air-fuel ratio control. Oxidation or reduction atmosphere control is extremely easy to switch.

    Pulse combustion furnace control system adopts industrial computer control unit, the use of advanced field bus architecture, powerful, rich picture, friendly human-machine interface. All parts are made of imported products in Germany or the United States to make the system more reliable.

System basically has the following features:

  • Real-time monitoring of kiln point temperature, the kiln pressure, fuel flow and other parameters.
  • Has a lower limit alarm, alarm, lower limit set by the user, and can alarm records stored, the user can be any query, print.
  • Can set the temperature or the temperature curve of each section of the kiln, l, cooling control, including temperature pulse combustion control, cooling with compulsory pulse air-cooled control.
  • Combustion atmosphere can be set by the user to control the flue gas residual oxygen in the kiln.
  • Kiln pressure control.
  • Historical data query capabilities, users can store, display, print history information.
  • Report printing features.
  • Dynamic flow chart of man-machine interface, you can display the dynamic flow chart of the entire furnace, real-time dynamic display of the kiln to the point parameters, real-time dynamic display of the kiln flame burning state.

Energytek adopted the American National Instruments NI LabVIEW human machine interface monitoring and control system software to do the planning and design, flexibility and multi-support functions, and can do remote monitoring and control functions over the network.