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MoSi2 Heating Element

Energytek agent, Shandong, China Yantai Torch quality MoSi 2 Heating Element, 1700, 1800, 1800J and 1800T four temperature grade.。

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Component temperature up to 1700 ° C, 1800 ° C and> 1800 ° C, the shape of a U-shaped, W-shaped, circular, semi-circular, spiral, the fold angle and special shaped, we have superior technology and production of special shapeThe heating element is also acceptable custom special shapes and welcome your inquiries.

Typical customer:Taiwan and Japan's TDK systems, the NGK, Japan, the Hitachi Metals, Samwha, South Korea, the ISU, South Korea, American Magnetics,-AR, Yong Saint electric and so on.。

The general delivery time:about 2 weeks.

MoSi2 Heating Element Physical properties

volume density bending strengthhardness porositywater absorptionthermal elongationfracture toughness compressed strength
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MoSi2 Heating Element Chemical properties

MoSi2 Heating Element in the high-temperature oxidizing atmosphere, the surface of the component to generate a layer of compact quartz protective layer oxidation prevent MoSi 2 Heating Element to continue. When the temperature of the components is greater than 1700 ° C, the melting point of 1710 ℃ quartz protective layer melting, due to the effect of surface tension, quartz fused together into drops, and the loss of protective effect. Components in the oxidizing atmosphere, continue to use the quartz layer of protection to regenerate. MoSi 2 Heating Element should not be within the range of 400-700 ℃ long-term use, otherwise the component due to the strong oxidation of the low-temperature powder.

MoSi2 Heating Element in a different atmosphere to the impact of temperature

Atmosphere1700 Type1800 Type
H2 (Dew point 80℃)11501150
H2 (Dew point 20℃)14501450
Gas mixture (e.g. 10%CO2、50%CO、15%H2)17001700
Gas mixture (e.g. 40%CO2、20%CO)14001450
Pyrolysis and partial combustion of ammonia(8%H2)14001450

Dimensioning method

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L1:Fever side length 、L2:ling side length 、D:Spacing 、d1:Diameter of the heating side 、d2:Diameter of the cooling side 、a:Aluminized length

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The installation of the heating element

Install the heating element metals in ceramic materials, brittle at room temperature, high temperature has a certain plasticity, electric stove in the general case for the U-shaped component to vertical suspension components are suspended in the furnace, through the support chuckthe top of the purpose of this installation is to avoid mechanical stress to the component side of fever, may cause component fracture, For horizontal mounting, the electric furnace continuous operation, the maximum temperature should not exceed 1550 ℃ or below the component plus the high temperature refractory material support.

MoSi2 Heating Element Heating Element in an electric furnace installation can be used in series and parallel are two ways to connect components in the furnace of the interval width should not be less than the center spacing of the components. MoSi2 heating element installation is usually positioned fastening plate, wire chuck and fire plugs brick material.

Drying of the furnace

The new masonry or long-term use of the stove needs to dry before use, general drying temperature of 100 ℃ to 200 ℃. Component long-term use at low temperatures will cause low-temperature oxidation, the shorter the drying time of the small stove, a few hours the component has little effect; large stove drying time is longer, need to pay attention to common denominator is best to open the door, with the The temperature can be half-open, completely closed the door to more than 1000 ℃.

The start of the furnace

If the stove dry well or do not need to dry we should start to heat up in order to avoid the impact of the high-current electrical equipment overload should be used in the following table lists the steps to start. Must be limited to the current output control.

Small stove (power 100KW) Large-scale furnace (power 100KW-500KW)
Furnace temperature - voltageFurnace temperature - voltage
20℃-150℃<1/3 Operating voltage>20℃-300℃<1/3 Operating voltage>
150℃-500℃<2/3 Operating voltage>300℃-700℃<2/3 Operating voltage>

Note:Shift, the time not too long, otherwise easily lead to the current impact and damage to electrical equipment.

Replacement of components

During operation, such as component damage should first determine the location, ready combination of components, then the damaged elements chuck wire bus to connect the screws to loosen, clean open ceramic fiber, even with fire-resistant plug to pull out, and thenThe new combination of elements from the roof insert, connect the wires, blocking good ceramic sponge can heat up.