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RTO Regenerative thermal oxidazer

(Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)For processing of low concentration of volatile organic emissions from energy-saving environmental protection devices, the products supplied by the Company and has a high flux, low pressure drop and high efficiency, can effectively remove the organic emissions of volatile organic solvents(VOCs) from 95% to 99%, and heat recovery efficiency can reach more than 95% of its efficiency can reach the requirements of the national environmental protection laws and regulations to address air pollution problems.

RTO Regenerative thermal oxidazer

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The basic principles:

    The basic principle is that of a typical RTO at a high temperature (≧ 800 ° C), organic waste gas oxidation of CO2 and H2O, and thus be removed. Typical RTO main structure consists of a combustion chamber, two ceramic packed bed, and two switching valves. Regenerative ceramic packed bed heat exchanger can heat the device to maximize recycling, heat recovery is greater than 95%; do not deal with VOC or use very little fuel, of VOC purification rate of 95% or more.

    Rotary RTO continuous intake and exhaust, to reduce the ripple caused by the suction side due to the switching valve switching, suitable for use need to be more stable suction conditions.

Efficacy and applicable industry:

    Effectively remove the organic emissions of volatile organic solvents (VOCs) for the electronics industry, semiconductor industry, the circuit board industry, the automotive industry, coating industry, chemical industry, food industry, footwear industry, leather industry, printing industrywire and cable industry, the pharmaceutical industry, machinery industry, wood, plastics, adhesive industry and other industries.

Performance parameters:
  • Handling gas:Hydrocarbons, Aromatics, Alcohols, Ethers, Phenols, Aldehydes and other organic waste gas.
  • Gas concentrations:100 PPM ~ 20,000 PPM
  • Combustion temperature:> 800 ℃
  • Heat recovery:≧ 95 %
  • Performance parameters:
  • Safety devices:The explosion-proof membrane and other abnormal alarm device
  • Ultra-low fuel, usually organic waste gas concentrations above 450 the PPM RTO devices do not need to add auxiliary fuel.
  • Purification rate, the purification rate of 95 to 99 percent or more.
  • Does not produce NOX secondary pollution.
  • Automatic control, simple operation, low operating costs.
  • Safe.

    Choice Lithograph Co., Ltd. Kueishan 1 set(Dual-slot type)

    Choice Lithograph Co., Ltd. Anping 1 set(Rotary type)

Characteristics of company:

According to the conditions and requirements of the customers to plan, design, manufacture, installation and commissioning.

  • Please, provide the information:
    • Handling capacity (gas flow).
    • Organic waste gas composition and concentration.
    • Power of nature and use of fuel types.
    • Installation location and place.
Note:The Company can provide two type (purification rate of> 95%) and three type (purification rate of> 99%) RTOs or RRTOs(purification rate of 98%).