Energytek Corporation

Kilns, Furnaces and Combustion Control System's
Professional Designer and Manufacturer

Corporate purpose

    Energytek company is engaged on burning, heating, drying, incineration, refrigeration and other industrial kilns and related equipment and combustion safety control system planning, design, installation, commissioning, maintenance and other services, as well as to improve the working of the existing production equipment; and customer acceptance ofcommissioned for the project planning, design, consulting and advisory services, Acting Executive Engineering business.

    Members of the company has many years of mechanical, combustion, electric, furnace, refrigeration, man-machine interface integration and automation projects related to engineering design, construction supervision and practical experience of trade adjustment, and the introduction of foreign advanced technologyand concepts to help clients develop appropriate production equipment.

    Our agent distribution in the furnace of the world-renowned brands and associated control equipment, infrared thermometer, oxygen sensor, if demand, please contact the Company.

    Hopes to help the customers in the most economical use of energy, taking into account the environmental protection objectives, and thus leads to the enhancement of device performance and improvement.

    If there is any need to provide us with services, please contact us, we sincerely welcome! Marketing of our goods to all over the world.

Business Policy

    The professional design of a variety of industrial furnace manufacture, including the ceramic industry, precision ceramic industry, steel, aluminum, copper alloy industry, electronics industry, metal and ceramic raw materials industry, batch furnaces, continuous furnaces, VOC, organic waste gas incinerator, RTO, high temperature furnace, high temperature furnace, trolley tunnel kiln, walking beam furnace, walking beam furnace, the push plate furnace, rotary kiln, rotary furnace, metal heat treatment furnace, ceramic kiln, hot air furnace, the deodorizing furnace, the degreasing furnace, volleyballglue furnace, building materials fire test furnace, vacuum furnace, wood carbonization furnace, drying furnace, atmosphere furnace, enamel ovens, incinerators, ovens, and calcining furnace (fire above) burning furnace, sintering furnace, the test furnaces, ceramic kilnsfurnace furnace, annealing, stress relieving, normalizing treatment furnace, brilliant annealing furnace, lift electric furnace, bell furnace, mesh belt furnace, brazing furnace, carbonization furnace, multiple hearth furnace, activated carbon manufacturing furnace, human-computer mediatedsurface integration, automated production lines, etc., and special refrigeration systems. Heat exchanger design and manufacturing.

    Energytek company marketing agent of the world famous brands combustion control apparatus, infrared thermometer, infrared thermal imager, an infrared scanner, oxygen detectors, flue gas detectors, gun-type burner, continuous atmosphere furnacesvacuum furnace, crystal crystal growth furnace, metal injection the product of the digital controller of the forming skim sintering furnace, microwave plasma, temperature, humidity, pressure, chemical and environmental protection equipment with ceramic packing parts, high specific surface area of activated carbon fiber cloth / felt, carbon fiber.

    The company also provides automated kilns whole plant output device, automated plaster ceilings stick to leather and printing processing equipment, VOC, organic waste gas to eliminate the control equipment.