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Activated Carbon Fiber Solvent Recovery

Activated Carbon Fiber Solvent Recovery

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Working principle:

    carbon fiber (ACF) adsorption capacity, fast adsorption to recover the organic solvent. The typical device consists of blower, the composition of the air filter, two desorption slot, switch valve, condenser and separator. Desorption with water vapor. Valve switching, solvent absorption and desorption, desorption solvent and water vapor into the condenser condensing, separating pure solvent obtained after two desorption slot.

Applicable industries

    Effective recovery of the exhaust gas volatile organic solvents (VOCs), applicable in printing, paints, rubber, plastic, gunpowder, semiconductors, image tube, the organic chemical industry, automotive industry, coating industry, chemical industry, food industry, footwear industry,leather industry, cosmetics and other industries.

Performance parameters:
  • Processing gas species:benzene, toluene, xylene, chlorinated hydrocarbons, alcohols, ethers, ketones and other organic waste gas.
  • Processing gas:≧1,000 Nm3/h
  • Concentration range:500 PPM~10,000 PPM
  • Solvent recovery:≧99 %
  • Operating temperature:The room temperature adsorption, desorption with water vapor.
  • Switching time:10~15 min
The advantages of the device:
  • Recovery of organic solvents, through the rational design and adjustment of the switching time enables solvent recovery rate above 99%.
  • Recovery when the stability of the solvent, very little decomposition.
  • Wide range of applications, could also be applied to low concentrations of solvent, the polymerization of monomer and high boiling point solvent.
  • The small size and compact, easy to operate and maintenance.
  • Low operating costs, compared with ordinary activated carbon solvent recovery unit, the blower power is only 1/6, less the amount of steam and cooling water.
  • Running operations using automatic control.
  • Safe, the heat of adsorption of activated carbon fiber is very small and easily lost, will not cause the local temperature is too high.
Characteristics of the company:

According to the conditions and requirements of the customers to plan, design, manufacture, installation and commissioning.

  • Please provide customers with the information:
    • Handling capacity (gas flow).
    • Organic waste gas composition and concentration.